Something found in the hands of a thief when caught. [< AnNor. main = hand + AnNor. our < oeuvre = work, thing] -

Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases. .

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  • mainour — /may neuhr/, n. Old Eng. Law. a stolen article found on the person of or near the thief: to be taken with the mainour. Also, manner. [1225 75; ME < AF mainoure (OF manoeuvre hand labor); see MANEUVER, INURE] * * * …   Universalium

  • mainour —   n. stolen property discovered on thief s person.    ♦ in or    ♦ with the mainour, in the act; red handed …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • mainour — /meynsr/ An article stolen, when found in the hands of the thief. A thief caught with the stolen goods in his possession is said to be taken with the mainour, that is, with the property in manu, in his hands. 4 Bl.Comm. 307 …   Black's law dictionary

  • mainour — main·our …   English syllables

  • mainour — …   Useful english dictionary

  • with the mainour — With the goods in hand. A thief was said to be taken with the mainour when taken with the stolen goods upon him, in manu, in his hand. When so taken, the thief could be arraigned and tried without being first indicted. This practice was… …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • with the mainour — adverb (or adjective) or in the mainour : in the act : flagrante delicto, red handed …   Useful english dictionary

  • in the mainour — adverb (or adjective) see with the mainour …   Useful english dictionary

  • main employment — See principal employment or business. mainoevre. Same as mainovre. mainour. See in manu; with the mainour. mainovre. Handwork; manual labor …   Ballentine's law dictionary

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